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The Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County provides support and services for children and families.

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County and the Multidisciplinary Team

For over 20 years, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County (CAC) has been providing support and comfort to children impacted by abuse and their families in Greater Boston.  The CAC provides a prompt, sensitive, interagency response so that the child and family can focus on healing.

Our trauma-informed Center includes a family-friendly waiting area filled with toys, books, games, and refreshments, as well as state-of-the-art interview rooms, counseling rooms and a medical suite for both children and teens.  Each member of our highly skilled multidisciplinary team is trained in best practices for providing advocacy, forensic interviewing, treatment and support. The strength of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County’s multidisciplinary team (MDT) lies in its partnerships and high levels of collaboration to foster safety and well-being. 

CAC Services Include:

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) investigations: a prompt, multi-agency intervention to gain knowledge and clarity about a child’s exposure to violence and abuse;

Forensic Interviews: a single, sensitive and non-leading interview of the child conducted by a specially-trained interviewer;

Family Advocacy: support, information, treatment and referrals to ensure access to needed services;

Medical Services: evaluation and consultation provided by a Pediatric Sexual Assault Medical Examiner (SANE nurse) specializing in services for child victims of abuse and exploitation;

Mental Health Services: crisis intervention, support, and Child & Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI)  a short-term, evidence-based trauma intervention for children and non-offending caregivers;

Support to End Exploitation Now (SEEN): a nationally-recognized, coordinated intervention for high risk and commercially sexually exploited children;

Child-Child Sexual Behavior Initiative: to intervene early with young children with sexual behavior problems and including Problematic Sexual Behavior – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (PSB-CBT);

Training and Education: for both professionals and the community.

CAC client services are offered free of charge. Transportation assistance is provided, when needed, to help families access services.

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